Ejector Technology: New Emergency Bilging System for Disabled Vessels.

Körting Hannover AG places its emphasis for shipbuilding worldwide on technical competence and flexibility. Amongst other things, this is shown in the high-performance bilging system manufactured specially for the new work boat "Saatsee".


On September 26th, 2012 the Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt (Water and Shipping Authority) in Kiel-Holtenau (Germany) started operations with the new construction vessel for the Kiel Ship Canal (NOK): The „Saatsee“ was built at the shipyard of Fr. Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG located in Berne/Motzen on the river Weser and has been equipped with all necessary components. „Apart from the Körting bilge ejectors for its own ship operating technology, this ship disposes over an emergency bilging system for disabled vessels developed by us“, explained Berthold Kulp, Shipbuilding Sales Manager of Körting Hannover AG. He developed the bilging system with which the high-pressure pumping performance of the ship’s own monitoring system within a FFP (Liquid Jet Liquid Ejector) is converted to a large volumetric suction performance which enables an increased suction performance by1- to up to approx. 5-fold. “This bilging system consists of two ejectors“, explained Berthold Kulp. These GL-certified ejectors (Körting DN 200-TD 15270) have been securely installed below the floor of the engine room and supply a rated output totalling 400 m3/h at a suction pressure of 0,4 bar abs. The suction hosepipes necessary for bilging are stored on board and, when needed, can be connected optionally to four connections located on the work deck.


L-type ejector of Körting Hannover AG

On handing over to the final customer the system was subjected to a performance test and was then transferred without any problems being detected. The Fr. Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG shipyard expressed their great satisfaction on the collaboration and the results of Körting Hannover AG: „Due to the many years of collaboration and the consistent positive experiences which we have gained with Körting Hannover AG“ as Bernhard Lottmann, Manager of the Engineering Division belonging to the Fr. Fassmer GmbH & Co. KG shipyard „it was clear to us immediately that they would develop this bilging system for us.“ The shipyard was most enthusiastic about the delivery and particularly about the project-accompanying technical support as offered by M/s. Körting Hannover AG.


At a glance

The designing of these special water jet ejectors is carried out according to individual criteria. This applies to manufacturing materials and the construction just as well as regarding the performance data to be executed.

The important technical performance requirements here are the ratings of the existing mechanical monitoring pumps. Suction flows of ≥ 2.000 m³/h can be realised.

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