International Sales Meeting 2013: Worldwide Körting Representation.

For the 4th time already in sequence Körting’s worldwide sales force gathered together on the 23rd and 24th October 2013 for their „International Sales Meeting“in Hannover. Here, Körting Representations from Europe, Asia and Latin America met for an intensive exchange of information.


Altogether 18 sales engineers representing 15 countries participated in the meeting. For some representatives it was impossible to attend for reasons of time or organisation. To begin with, the focus was placed on the newest information concerning the company structuring and the product programme of Körting Hannover AG. The participants then reported on the particularities of the present market situation for Körting products in the individual countries. The respective branch analyses, target markets and industrial regions, their product situation and applications as well as the competitive environment were presented in detail, discussed intensively and evaluated. Furthermore, reports were given about trends in the sectors ejectors, vacuum systems, waste gas cleaning and environmental technology as well as in process heat and firing technology. In this respect again, the trendsetting solutions for energy efficiency and environmental protection always formed the main points.

A further item on the agenda concerned the optimisation of internal and external communications as well as marketing activities such as appearances at exhibitions or new media. At the end of both days, all representatives from the respective countries had the possibility of having intensive discussions with Körting’s management and the project engineers.

Intensive Networking

„It was a very productive meeting which accorded each and every person interesting insights”, explained Jürgen Baier, Dipl.-Ing. and marketing manager for Körting Hannover AG. „This event taking place every three years is an important component for transferring knowledge and which enables us also to ensure the high requirements concerning customer service worldwide“, supplemented Klaus Galda, Dipl.-Ing. and Sales Manager of Körting Hannover AG. This Sales Meeting is the ideal platform for national and international sales colleagues to gain technical information as well as to have personal information exchanges and to cultivate an intensive networking amongst one another. „It is our aim to inform the colleagues about the latest stand of our developments so that they can support and advise their customers in an optimal manner in situ “, explained Klaus Galda.

Körting Familial Culture

„Apart from that, the Sales Meeting is of course an occasion to experience Körting’s distinctive familial culture for in spite of the worldwide 340 employees engaged at Körting at the time being, our company philosophy is carried by that of a family“, as Jürgen Baier summed up. At the end, all were of the opinion that it had been an interesting and, above all, successful meeting.

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