Körting Service-Team: In action all over the world

To support our customers during commissioning/start-up, checking and adapting to modified boundary conditions our engineers and service technicians of the service team are ready for action worldwide.

„Our service team consists of five experienced engineers as well as two competent service technicians and of course, the corresponding equipment“, explained Dipl. Ing. Michael Schäfer, leading development and service engineer at M/s. Körting Hannover AG. Körting is always on call, so they can be on site worldwide within the shortest time possible. „We try to do everything possible to prevent production losses for our customers“, so Mr. Schäfer.

„Whether during commissioning/start-up, reviewing/overhauling old plants or trouble shooting – so far each service assignment was completed successfully at site within an average period of 48 hours“. There can be manifold causes for a breakdown. However, a quick fault finding and correction thereof is only possible because the service engineer knows and understands the process in which the Körting product is being applied. „However, the incidental travelling expenses are usually slight in comparison to the costs incurred with loss of production“, as Mr. Schäfer explained.

With their years of experience in all ranges of application for Körting products the development and service colleagues guarantee customer satisfaction. „Our service team received their special training on real plants in the test field at Körting Hannover AG“, reported Mr. Schäfer. The colleagues have received certificationaccording to SCC (Safety Certificat Contractors) to ensure safety at work and safety for employees „When an assignment is on, they receive additional support from our subsidiary companies or agencies at site.“

In their baggage the service team has the most modern high-precision mobile equipment for carrying out pressure, temperature and throughput measurements. Körting has its own calibrating laboratory on the Körting premises in Hannover to ensure the traceability of utilised measuring means in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The execution of performance tests for ejectors according to DIN 28430 takes place at the test fieldor during commissioning at site.

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