Körting’s Venturi scrubber presented at Moscow conference

The 7th International “Gas Cleaning (PILEGAZOOCHISTKA) 2014” Conference took place in Moscow on 23 and 24 September 2014. In light of recent events, the conference’s objective was to present innovative waste gas cleaning solutions. And project engineer Stanislav Lutschizki was therefore on hand to present the versatile Körting Venturi scrubber.


Stanislav Lutschizki talking about the development of Körting

Around 200 guests listened with interest while project engineer Stanislav Lutschizki gave a talk about Körting’s Venturi scrubber. “The Venturi scrubber is used to separate out dust and vapours from waste air and process gases”, explains Lutschizki. “This type of gas purification is required in copper refining, chipboard manufacturing and in many combustion processes”. This technology is also becoming increasingly important concerning compliance with rising environmental protection regulations.

Fewer pollutants emitted

Eco-friendly, high-quality Venturi scrubber for waste gas cleaning

Operators in Russia are currently being confronted with these types of regulations. “The laws on pollutant emissions will be tightened in 2015”, reports Galina Khatuntseva from Moscow-based Körting Export & Service GmbH. “Many outdated systems will have to be modernised or replaced”. Operators are now seeking affordable, efficient systems. “And that’s where the Venturi scrubber presents a real alternative”. In contrast to dry filters, the Venturi or wet scrubbers have no fire or explosion risk from the scrubber. Another encouraging by-product for operators of the equipment is that the gas volume flow is reduced due to direct cooling. This results in smaller downstream systems.

Tailor-made solutions

“In terms of the materials and components, Körting’s Venturi scrubbers can be adapted flexibly to customers’ requirements”, comments Lutschizki. They are also low on maintenance because they have no moving parts. They are available as stand-alone devices, with ventilators and control cabinets as part of the package, or as a combination with various capabilities for volume streams of up to 150,000 m³/h. The range of options means that even highly complex specifications can be turned into tailor-made solutions. “We supply systems with swirl droplet separators to separate droplets and recondensation, or with a column to separate gaseous contents from the waste air. Venturi scrubbers can also be combined with both components”. Körting’s reference systems, highlighted in the presentation, prove just how flexible, high-quality and durable this technology is. For decades, Körting’s Venturi scrubbers have been ensuring processes run smoothly in a number of different industries – and demand is increasing.

New contacts and enquiries

Körting is delighted it took part in the conference. “During the conference we came into contact with potential customers and representatives of trade magazines that publicise our products. Therefore, we were able to target customers proactively”, says Lutschizki. By taking part in the conference, Körting wanted to boost brand awareness in Russia and to demonstrate how operators can benefit from its expertise and long-standing experience. And this goal was achieved. “Following the conference we received several enquiries from Russia”, confirms Lutschizki.

At a glance

  The 7th International “Gas Cleaning (PILEGAZOOCHISTKA) 2014” Conference
Date: 23.09. – 24.09.2014
Place & Venue: Place Moscow, Russia Izmaylovo Hotel Complex
Information: www.ecolog.intecheco.ru/doc/engl_gas2014.pdf

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