Mammoth Project: Körting realises Chilling Plant for China

At the beginning of March 2010 at last the final move was made: Körting Hannover AG received an order to develop a  gigantic steam jet chilling plant for China.

The ordering party, PetroChina, is counted amongst the customers with the highest sales figures in the People’s Republic and in 2007 according to stock-exchange values, it was even the largest company worldwide.

5 project engineers, 5 design engineers, 6 welders and two employees originating from the MSR field (measuring – controlling - regulating) are now  working together in Hannover and China with great dedication and engagement on the planning and 

production of the three-stage plant. In doing so, perfection is clearly the first command. After all, with the help of three giant-sized ejectors during  peak-load time 2.300 t of water are to be cooled down hourly from 29 °C to 20 °C.

“In comparison, that represents approx.  50 tank lorries filled to the brim”, explained the responsible project engineer of M/s. Körting Hannover AG, Mr. Stefan Bomnüter.  “Combined with two almost 50 meters high columns, these three ejectors with lengths of – believe it or not - 14, 15 and 20 meters will serve to generate chilled water”, added Mr. Bomnüter. “This water, chilled in the 40 m high evaporators, is required to help cool down diverse petro-chemical processes in the newly erected Sichuan Refinery.”

These gigantic ejectors have already overcome the first big stumbling block in Hannover i.e., transport to the Central Chinese Province of Sichuan. After one year’s planning and production phase they were first dismantled again to facilitate their transport to China. Quite a few employees were glad to wave ‘bye-bye’ to them: “They took up such a huge amount of space” , was the mischievous comment.

Towards the end of 2011 Körting will complete the whole plant with its cooling capacity of 24 megawatts and will then install it at the Sichuan Refinery. When this has been done, it will be the 2nd. largest chilling plant that Körting has ever built. The company erected the largest plant worldwide already in 2002 in Alexandria, Egypt.

“For Körting, the construction of this plant represents a further giant-sized step towards the future “ , as the chairman of the board, Dr.-Ing. York Fusch, deduced. “Again it has been proved – and we are tickled pink about it – that we are in a position to be able to realise projects of such dimensions in Hannover with such success.”

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