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  • Multifunctional: The most modern of machines make mechanical production just perfect.

Multifunctional: The most modern of machines make mechanical production just perfect.

Better, quicker, more functional! With immediate effect, four new lathes are reinforcing the mechanical production department at the works of Körting Hannover AG: the Okuma Multus B400‑C2000 as well as the C1500, the DMU 125 and the Mazak E 500. “We are placing the emphasis on the most modern of working machines available” as Manfred Fuhrmann, Master of the Mechanical Production Department at the works of Körting Hannover AG explained.


“On the whole, payback on the investment volume – approx. 2.000.000 EUR – is very quick. ”The customer profits from the multifunctional turning drilling and milling machine Okuma Multus with five axes by means of highest quality, shorter total processing times as well as shorter delivery times for the parts to be manufactured. With its 80 piece tool magazine, the 10.000 rpm milling spindle, the programmable steady rest for clamping diameters from 60 to 280 mm as well as the cooling means pressure of up to 70 bar, this turning/milling centre offers optimal provisions for the manufacturing of special ejectors made of polypropylene”, as Manfred Fuhrmann explained.

“Parallel to the manufacturing of diffusers in polypropylene – known as ‘PP’ – we have been able to establish added value within our company by means of the improved extrusion welding of bodies, covers/lids and nozzles”, supplemented Jürgen Sack, graduated engineer and factory manager at Körting. Welding seams done previously by an external plastics welding company are now carried out with very high quality in the plastic department of the works at Körting Hannover AG. “By means of these, amongst other things also workplace securing measures, it became possible to increase the total degree of efficiency as well as the manufacturing know‑how within the segment of plastics processing considerably”, as Jürgen Sack explained. A further novelty is the engraving of the individual turned parts such as bodies and diffusers already acquired during the machining process in the CNC machine: When the component is unclamped it bears the respective fabrication number and the Körting rhombus. This represents a quality‑ensuring measure so that during assembly the customer can be assured to hold a true quality product in his hand. At Körting Hannover AG the new machines replace the previous turning/milling machines Traub Gloria TVC 400 and the AXA VSC 1‑M. “With the CNC control, the driven tools and the fiveaxes travelling distance we now have the latest technology in this area at our disposal,“ said Manfred Fuhrmann.

“In this way, we are able to further extend our manufacturing capacities and in addition, to ensure the most effective use of the fabrication place in the mechanical workshop.

”At Körting Hannover AG plans for continuous modernisation measures and investments in new machines always form a part of future considerations. “We always take care to supply our customers with the most cost‑saving and long‑term solution and at the same time, maximum quality. That is shown in our comprehensive service offers.

”Following the commissioning a CNC team from the mechanical workshop together with a CNC programmer from the production planning department received training on how to operate these machines. On an early resp. late shift, two employees now work at each of the new turning lathe machines.

At a glance

Max. turning diameter 690 mm
Max. turning length 2045 mm
Main spindle speed standard 2.800 1/`
Main spindle performance standard 30 kW
Revolver with Y axis +/- 115 mm
Controls OSP-P200L
Machine weight 17.000 kg

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