New Dust Burner: Unique System Solution for Special Customer Requirements.

The Düsseldorf mill specialist Loesche was on the look-out for a dual-fuel burner system to fire lignite dust and heavy oil for a dryer plant. The problem thereby was, however, the characteristics of the coal dust which deviated in its chemical composition from the usual characteristics. First of all, a firing test was carried out at the Körting dust burner test facility to ensure the technical feasibility of the project. “By means of the results we were able to adjust the firing system specifically to the fuel requirements“, as Dr. Benedikt Roberg, Director of the affiliated Körting company, Hans Hennig GmbH, stated. So therefore nothing stood in the way of realising this project. “No other manufacturer of dust burners has comparable possibilities“, reported Dr. Benedikt Roberg. Indeed, here problematical fuels can be tested in the test facility with regard to the suitability for generating heat. “Only so can we offer our customers the security of our adherence to the required firing system characteristics.“


Successful Mutual Project

The project was processed and developed by Hans Hennig GmbH in collaboration with Körting Hannover AG. Körting Hannover AG supplied the necessary know-how and the required equipment to construct and test the dust burners. In this combination, Hans Hennig GmbH offers the possibility of contributing a sophisticated special manufacturing in the sectors of automation technology and fuel supply systems. So the burner and the dust dosing unit were manufactured by Körting Hannover AG, the switching unit and the heavy oil pump station with heavy oil pre-heater by Hans Hennig GmbH in Ratingen.


Low Pollutant Emissions

“The strength of the system lies just in its flexibility“, as Dipl.-Ing. Michael Branzke, Project Manager at Körting Hannover AG explained. ”The firing system is in a position of being able to fire lignite dust and heavy or light fuel oil simultaneously as well as in solo operation mode. The automatic firing device which we have parameterised permits an automatic fuel switch-over between pulverous and liquid fuels. “The decisive factor thereby is however, that with the Körting-/Hans Hennig technology a solo dust operating mode with a large control range can be realised without additional support firing. Of course, the basic requirements thereby are low pollutant emissions under all operating conditions. Again, Körting Hannover AG’s excellence is demonstrated and reinforced by a strong affiliated company, Hans Hennig GmbH, in a niche of developing tailor-made products in accordance with customer requirements. The Düsseldorf mill specialist Loesche expressed itself as being extremely satisfied with the professional processing of the order.


At a glance

Application of a firing system for generating hot gas

System components: Dual-fuel burner, combustion air supply, dust dosing, heavy oil pump station with oil pre-heater, switching unit with local controls and output switchboard cabinets

Firing performance

Dust/Heavy oil: 17.000 kW
Control ratio: 1:5 for dust
Dust consumption: 2.800 kg/h
Heavy oil consumption: 1.600 l/h
Air excess: 1.5-2.0
Air supply: 34.000 Nm³/h
Firing manager: FMS 5 with electronic compound

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