Successful across all borders: Körting extends its headquarters in China.

China is a particularly successful market for Körting Hannover AG. With the rising turnover figures now also the size of the subsidiary company’s seat on location is growing too: Körting Trading (Beijing) Ltd. has moved to its new headquarters.

„A good beginning is half the way to success“, so the saying goes according to a Chinese proverb. Körting Trading (Beijing) Ltd. has made a good start at the new office rooms in Peking. “And all is going well“, said a smiling Sophia, the business manager who’s proper name is Manli Yang but, like many Chinese students at the university, she has chosen an English name. Today, she manages the Körting Trading (Beijing) Ltd. team comprising of 6 persons in the new rooms at the Xiaoyun Centre No.15. The German Embassy and a German school can be found right around the corner in the Chaoyang quarter of the city.

The Körting Team in Beijing stands behind managing director Sophia.

On-the-spot technical support

The collaboration between the German company of Körting Hannover AG with China is based on a long tradition. “Since 1992 already we have offered our products to the Chinese market“, explained Achim Rosenberg, Commercial Sales Manager of Körting Hannover AG. He coordinates the German-Chinese activities from Hannover from a commercial aspect. At the start Körting worked – restricted to a few applications – with great success together with a local agency in China. ”However, in China we wanted to cover all sectors of ejectors and vacuum technology as well as environmental technology. For this, we needed our own affiliated company on site which could take care of sales activities, consultations and the service all over China“, explained Klaus Galda, General Manager Sales. That was when in 2007 Körting Trading (Beijing) Ltd. was born. Since then, turnover has risen many times. Whether waste water technology, textile and polyester industry, foodstuffs industry or shipbuilding: in the meantime Körting products are well-established in all sectors. Why is that? “Based on our technical know-how we have still got advantages when compared to our competitors“, reported Mr. Galda. ”That is why our plants – made in Germany – are in demand in China.“

Körting has placed its focus on a very high technical engineering competence and flexibility in the respective application areas. Ever-growing and more complex requirements with the demands for complete solutions and the close collaboration with the customer as well as with associates from science, research and industry lead to a constant further development of Körting products and services as well as to new and innovative application possibilities. In China also, this is much appreciated. The scope of work and tasks are analysed individually, solutions are found and implemented and are adapted specially to customer requirements. Thereby application-oriented research and development always offers new impulses for future-oriented Körting technology. ”In doing so, our goal is to further develop our products and systems to make them still more efficient and economic to the advantage of our customers“, explained Mr. Galda.

Dedicated employees are very pleased with their new work stations.

Environment-friendly Products in Trend.

The market in China is increasingly aimed at environmentally friendly products, for example such used for waste gas cleaning. ”In China, industry receives subventions in order to keep emission values down as low as possible“, as Mr. Rosenberg said. ”Of course, in this respect Körting offers the fitting products.“ The technology, exactly adjusted to customer requirements, comes from the works in Hannover. Here, the plants are first manufactured and completely assembled before they are disassembled again for shipment to China. ”We are the contacts for our customers all over China and can be reached at any time“, so Sophia said. At the time being there are 6 employees in the new offices, busily going about their daily work. Within a short time however, further employees are going to be engaged. ”Now we have sufficient room for them“, said the graduated engineer from Peking, so happy about the new location of Körting Trading (Beijing) Ltd.


At a glance

Körting Trading (Beijing) Ltd. is your reliable partner for the following products:

Ejectors / Vacuum Technology



multi-stage steam jet vacuum plants

process engineering plants

steam jet heaters

liquid jet mixing nozzles

Waste Gas Cleaning / Environmental Technology

ejectors for waste water aeration

ejectors for ozone introduction



evaporation plants

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