Highly efficient on steam consumption

Energy costs are a major issue for plant operators worldwide. Operating plants can be expensive if this factor isn’t taken into account. Enhanced vacuum systems designed for the best-possible operating conditions cut energy costs and therefore overheads. In terms of steam consumption Körting jet ejectors and vacuum systems are some of the most efficient worldwide. The number of orders received is just one of the indications that this is the case.

Enhanced steam consumption ensures low running costs
Enhanced steam consumption ensures low running costs

All costs borne in mind

When new machinery is purchased the focus is primarily on investment costs. These are not insignificant. Furthermore, modern machinery is designed to operate for several years, or even decades. Compared with just the procurement costs the overheads play a key role. Components tailored to the process offer not just long service lives but also reliability. They ensure that the overheads remain at a constantly low level.

Jet ejectors and steam jet vacuum systems use steam when generating vacuums. So steam consumption plays a fundamental role. Which is why Körting always custom-designs jet ejectors and vacuum systems to match the application concerned. As a result our engineers ensure that no more energy is consumed than what is actually required. Consequently, plant operators and their engineering firms often choose Körting vacuum technology.

Verified via tendering procedures

People planning these sorts of plants across the world are increasingly taking into account the impact of running costs. Consequently Körting Hannover AG has managed to attract several large orders over the past few years. As part of the tendering procedures, in addition to the investment costs, planners ask about running costs over long periods of time. Once these figures are added up, the choice is quickly made for Körting jet ejectors and vacuum systems. The company’s attractively priced solutions are popular the world over.

Evaluating the total cost of ownership is highly relevant. It’s not just the investment costs that are substantial. Over several years running costs can account for a large proportion. Jet ejectors and vacuum systems designed for highly efficient steam consumption therefore cut running costs. If we look at further factors such as maintenance, Körting technology is leads the way. Körting jet ejectors and vacuum systems operate without any movable parts and are therefore durable and low on maintenance. Plant operators and planners are well advised to examine the total cost of ownership when calculating investment costs.

Highly skilled staff and modern machinery on Körting Hannover AG’s production line
Highly skilled staff and modern machinery on Körting Hannover AG’s production line

Our own development and manufacturing facilities

Ideal designs are only possible if companies have the expertise on how these systems are operated. Körting Hannover AG has its own development department where products are consistently enhanced. Close collaboration with customers also shows development engineers where current requirements lie. As a result, Körting has its finger on the pulse and can deliver pioneering solutions. The company has a wide range of test rigs to try out vacuum components. Consequently Körting can design and test components whose energy consumption is optimised to match the application concerned.

Another guarantee of Körting products’ high quality is that they are produced in its own factory in Hanover, Germany. German-made quality ensures that components are produced that subsequently fulfil all the requirements and performance expected of them. Skilled staff use state-of-the-art production technology to turn first-class materials into systems that are popular the world over due to their reliability.

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