Huvis in Korea: With Körting for more than 35 years

Yet again, Körting has supplied an ethylene-glycol (EG) steam jet vacuum system to its customer, Huvis Corporation in Korea. It is already the third plant equipped with the latest Körting technology to be installed at the site in Jeon Ju – and has operated trouble-free since start-up at the beginning of September 2013.

Collaboration between the Korean company and Körting is based on a tradition of many years. Körting received its first order 35 years ago, at that time still from the Samyang Corporation. The textile branch of this company fused with that of SK Chemicals in 2000 and became the Huvis Corporation.

The Huvis Corporation is now the largest operator of plants for manufacturing spun fibres and polyester chips for textiles and technical applications in South Korea. Whether for bottles, banknotes or as car interior linings – the multi-function high-tech plastics are applied in many areas. Even the football shirts of the Korean National Football Team for the World Cup are supplied by this successful textile company

Latest technology ‘Made in Germany’.

„A far-reaching success factor for Huvis is of course the flawlessly functioning technology”, as Heinrich-Arend Krömer, Project Engineer for multi-staged vacuum systems at Körting Hannover AG explained. „In Korea one plays safe and still puts complete confidence in ‘Made in Germany’”, as the expert said. That this confidence in Körting pays off is explained by the old productions plants which are now being modernised. For more than 30 years these vacuum systems have worked perfectly. These systems however were still being operated with water vapour and cooling water. So Körting converted the old conventional-type vacuum systems to the new energy-saving and environmentally friendly design.


Avoid waste water. Save energy.

The supply encompasses several process vapour operated ejectors, condensers and two liquid ring vacuum pumps as well as the engineering for evaporator, circulation pump and heat exchanger. The heart of the new vacuum systems made up of completely heated ejectors which are operated with organic EG vapours – instead of the previously utilised water vapour. „So, no waste water is generated and also a considerable amount of energy is saved“, as Heinrich-Arend Krömer explained.


Trust in Körting. Since 35 years.

„We have worked with Körting for over 35 years because we are very satisfied with the modern high-quality technology”, reported Mr. Hoo Jin Lee and Jae Young Choi following the successful start-up of plant N° 7 at the Huvis Corporation. „With the new vacuum system we save a lot of money and, at the same time, conserve the environment. That is truly remarkable!” The great mutual trust of Huvis Corporation over such a long period of time is both motivation and incentive for Körting’s engineers. Towards the end of the seventies the initial orders were still processed via German engineering companies. Today, the production team in Korea enjoys direct contact with the Körting specialists


At a glance

More than 220 supplied EG vacuum systems and 35 years of experience – that is Körting worldwide. The new EG vacuum systems supplied by Körting are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • reliable
  • energy-saving
  • space-saving
  • no waste water
  • lower maintenance
  • less standstill periods