50 Years: „Have been with Körting forever.”

Bärbel Braun, Heinz Gollmer and Bernd Saul have all been with Körting for 50 years now. And with this, they are quite in trend: According to a ZDF heute programme shown on the April 3rd, 2013 the numbers of employees between 60 and 65 years has risen over the past 5 years by 81.7 percent. “The experiences which our older employees have gained over the years are worth their weight in money” as Dr. York Fusch, Chairman of the Management Board, stated.


Bärbel Braun (65), Heinz Gollmer (65) and Bernd Saul (65) started their training at Körting on April 1st, 1963 when aged 14 resp. 15 years. At that time, neither of them thought for a moment that they would be working at one and the same company for 50 years. Now, sitting around a table, memories come to the fore: of trainee trips, where spirits ran high, or of the jubilee celebrations for the 100th and 125th company birthdays to which also former employees were invited. “We have spent half of our lives here and feel as if we were part of the family,” as Heinz Gollmer reported, who worked in production and final assembly as a Master of Mechnical Engineering until June 30th, 2013. “We knew the father and grandfather of Dr. Fusch, today’s Chairman of the Management Board. We started work when his grandfather was at the helm,” as Bernd Saul explained. The number of older employees in Germany is rising, but that employees stay with just one company for such a long time is quite rare in the meantime. What kept them at Körting Hannover AG for so long? “That had a lot to do with the work climate of course”, reported Bärbel Braun, clerical worker. “We were always lucky with our colleagues and bosses.” Her father and her uncle had also worked at Körting for 50 years. “Actually, I wanted to retire when I was 63 years old but then I thought: why don’t I continue with this tradition and stay at work for as long as I can?”


Bernd Saul trained as a draughtsman at Körting Hannover AG and went to evening school to learn how to be an engineering technician. “The personal responsibility for the whole product kept me here at Körting. Apart from that, worldwide inspections carried out at customers’ and suppliers’ works took me to some very far corners of the earth. Mumbai, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic…. that all brought quite a bit of diversification into my workaday life.”

Heinz Gollmer, just like Bernd Saul,really liked giving apprentices the necessary training. For him it was clear: “Work must be fun and that is how it was with me.”All three employees are of the same opinion: that the company always operated economically and with clear-sighted-ness.

Even in difficult times employees neverhad to forego their wages. Understanding was always there, also in the case of personal and complicated situations - for example, when Bernd Saul suddenly became a single parent of two children. “Then Dr. Fusch’ grandfather said that I could arrange my work times to suit myself. That I found to be very supportive.”

Körting Hannover AG is a family-owned company with approx. 260 employees. The average age of these is well above 44 years. “Usually, our employees do not retire before they are 65 years old. Their experiences are worth their own weight in money. Such things cannot be learnt at school and therefore are naturally of great help to us,” explained Dr. Fusch. The specialisation in niche products manufactured by Körting Hannover AG is certainly one reason for the employees’ special knowledge. Here, at the foot of Linden Hill in Hannover, customer-specific aparatus, vacuum plants, scrubbers, separators and burners are manufactured according to the most modern of standards. Over the years, ever since the company’s foundation in 1871 by Ernst Körting, the company has lived more and more from the export business. “Today, approx. 80 percent of our business takes place abroad” informed Dr. Fusch. “340 employees around the world make up a business volume 45 million Euro. In this respect, the experiences gained by our employees have proved to be of advantage when competing with rival companies.” In spite of their retirement, Bärbel Braun and Bernd Saul will remain active for Körting Hannover AG and are prepared to pass on their knowledge to the younger generation.Of course, at one time or the other all three of them had applied for positions with other companies but – as they said – it didn’t work out. “A twist of fate and afterwards, a blessing in disguise,” as Bärbel Braun explained. “The companies where I had applied for work at that time are now no longer in existence,” added Bernd Saul. “Nevertheless, I have always identified myself strongly with Körting.Two of my brothers-in-law and my son – in the meantime my boss – work here” he said and laughed, full of pride. Körting Hannover AG would like to thank Bärbel Braun, Heinz Gollmer and Bernd Saul for 50 years of engaged and valuable work.