Koerting Engineering Private Limited: A success on the market for 20 years

Indian industries are as diverse as the country itself. Whether for edible oil or fertilizer, chemical or petro-chemical, textile or waste water: Koerting Engineering Private Limited sells, imports and supplies Indian industrial companies from many fields with high-quality Körting products. In January 2014 the company celebrated 20 years in business.


In a time when the rupee still had a value of 3,40 IR/DM (today: 85 IR/EUR) and the import duty was 55%, that was when the first contacts between Körting and Indian entrepreneurs started. „That was as early as the end of the seventies at the Achema“, as Jürgen Baier, Dipl.-Ing., marketing manager of Körting Hannover AG remembered. At that time India was still a more or less closed economy which was in the process of opening up slowly. Equipment and plants could not simply be imported. It required a special import licence which was granted by Indian government only on the basis of a project. As the Indian business competition was to be found on a more lower technical level, the demand for high-quality products ‚Made in Germany’ was remarkably high.


From Networking to Founding

Based on a network formation a contract for sales representation was developed: the Indian representatives M/s. HS Engineering & Marketing Service. They marketed, imported and sold the sought-after Körting products – in the Indian currency. „On account of the exchange rate that was naturally an immense advantage over other competitors. At the beginning of the eighties we then began with the manufacturing of components such as mixing and surface condensers at Indian sub-suppliers“, as D.G. Guru, today’s Director of Koerting Engineering Private Limited reported. Resulting from these successes, the collaboration with him as an employee of the Indian representatives M/s. HS Engineering was intensified and in 1994 led finally to the foundation of a mutual company: Koerting Engineering Private Limited.


Fulfilling Special Market RequirementsFulfilling Special Market Requirements

However, the market in India is subject to severe fluctuations, reported D.G. Guru. Right from the start Körting registered a particular success with vacuum systems. In the first instance the edible oil industry expressed interest. Then more and more polyester and petrochemical plants were sold. In the meantime, Körting is the main supplier of lye recovery plants for the Indian textile industry. The waste water industry too is showing increasing interest in Körting products for waste water aeration.
But Koerting Engineering Private Limited can only be successful because with Körting products, special customer and market requirements are being fulfilled which the local business competition cannot. „Apart from fulfilling product specifications, an individual manufacturing, long-lasting product quality, high- quality, accurate execution and a reliable service also form a part of the whole package“, reviewed D.G. Guru about the successful collaboration with Indian companies.

Keen Product and Service Quality

In the coming years D.G. Guru is expecting an increased industrial growth. „India is a nation with a population of 1.2 billion. The number of inhabitants is increasing and, in connection with this, also economic growth. “In 2013 the economy rose by 5%. In 2014 experts are expecting an increase of approx. 6%. „Apart from the expansion of existing plants there will also be a requirement for new plants in all sectors“, as the expert predicted. The 9 employees of Koerting Engineering Private Limited are looking forward to working together with the cooperation partners and new customers. The market position is to be strengthened by means of a convincing product and service quality. „Because that is what has defined us for over 20 years“, as D.G. Guru summed up.


At a glance

Koerting Engineering Private Limited is an affiliated company of Körting Hannover AG with a total of 9 employees. Founded 1994 in Bombay, the company is counted today amongst the top manufacturers and developers of high-quality steam jet ejectors and vacuum systems, thermo-compressors, mixing nozzles, evaporation plants for lye recovery as well as ejectors for water treatment and waste gas cleaning.