Körting Hannover AG: For 140 years successfully at the market

In November 2011 Körting Hannover AG reaches a special milestone in its history: The company celebrates its 140th. anniversary. For decades now it has been the world’s leading supplier of specific engineering services, components and systems forprocessing plants. What characterises a company such as Körting, which has managed to be so internationally successful over such a long period of time?

In the same year as Körting the well known tire producer Continental was also founded in Hannover. An example for the fact that companies rich in tradition survive, providing they remain innovative. Or Heinz Tomato Ketchup which – just as Körting’s ejectors – stands for a virtually unaltered recipe and clearly states: What customers have chosen over and over again for 140 years just must be good. A further example for a successful company history over 140 years is Mitsubishi. The Japanese enterprise stands for long-lasting reliable technology, is always on the move and has always employed the best engineers.

So it is just not the particular requirements for the products or the market niche which is being fulfilledhere but above all, the demonstrative quality of the supplied performances. One-upmanship and being better is the main thing when it comes to developing new innovative solutions and products for the customers and in addition to this, a firs-class after-sales service.

These are all reasons why Körting Hannover AG has been able to continue its successful development up to today. “An important competitive factor and our greatest assets are, above all else, the potential knowledge and the many years of experience of our employees which are passed on from generation to generation“, explained Dr. York Fusch, chairman of the board of management. “They cannot learn what we do at school, nor at university nor from other companies but predominantly only from our company – we do things that others just can’t”. With its own manufacturing department, performance test stands and its own research and development dept. as well as its service dept. Körting can respond in a comprehensive manner to all customer demands in its own inimitable way. “The great advantage is that we don’t have anything ready-made. Our pro-ducts are one of a kind and specially made to fit therespective customer’s requirements. We design and develop everything new for practically every order. That is what makes it so difficult to copy us” added Jürgen Baier, Marketing Manager at Körting.

And this has been on the agenda since 1871. In that year Berthold and Ernst Körting founded a company called “Gebrüder Körting“ (Körting Brothers) in Hannover. They became successful very quickly with the development and manufacture of so-called jet apparatus resp. ejectors as well as firing plants.Just three years later, subsidiaries were opened in Great Britain and in the USA. The worldwide demand for products from the now called “Jet Brothers“ expanded rapidly. Ernst, the engineer, fuelled the technical development with his numerous inventions and so secured for the company a constant winning margin over other competitors. Berthold, the business man, took care of financial matters. In addition to this, Körting became internationally well-known by means of clever advertising tactics.

The workshop staffed with just two workers developed into a factory with 376 white-collar workers and 1700 blue-collar workers located in the Badenstedter Straße in Hannover-Linden. For these employees a number of social achievements were available: A health fund was established at the works long before this became compulsory by law. Medical care was always available, as were free-of-charge bathing facilities.

In the early 1890s the foundation stone for a workers‘ housing estate was laid on a piece of land opposite the factory: Körtingsdorf (Körting’s village). “Give the worker nice housing, give him a garden and a piece of land to work on and the healthy mind of a North German worker, originating mostly from the surrounding countryside, will distance itself from the pub and from discussions at the pub bar on the present state of emergency and instead will apply himself to taking care of domestic matters and of his garden“. Those were Ernst Körting’s comments on the construction of Körtingsdorf at that time. “The house rules stipulated that the occupants should always take care to have well-cleaned windows adorned with white curtains on the street-facing side”. In 1893 a school for 120 school children and 2 teachers was inaugurated.

Today the company is headed by Dr. York Fusch, a fifth generation family member. The range of products from the concept over the components and up to turn-key plants has continuously developed and now covers three product families: ejectors and vacuum technology, waste gas cleaning and environmental technology as well as process heat and firing technology. Amongst the top products are, as always, the jet ejectors which Körting has optimised over 140 years. “Each ejector is an original which has been manufactured exactly according to customer specifications" as Jürgen Baier said.

And where does the company see itself in the coming years? “We are always involved in deve-loping innovations for other process possibilities,“ explained Dr. York Fusch. “It’s important to observe the market continuously and then to offer exactly the product required at that time.“ At the present Körting employs 260 staff in Hannover and of these approx. 100 are engineers. In addition to this there are employees of the subsidiary companies in Germany, China, India, Poland, Russia, Malaysia and Brazil. The worldwide export share makes up approx. 80%. Körting Hannover AG – a traditional company with a future!