Körting sets new benchmarks in bilge pumps

Körting jet ejectors are used as part of the bilge system on ships. They require low investment costs, no maintenance and are designed for superior reliability. They’re custom-made and designed for a wide range of shipbuilding applications. With almost 145 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing jet ejectors, Körting Hannover AG is constantly honing its product range. At SMM 2016 in Hamburg the company presented special jet ejectors in flange sizes of DN350.

Körting jet ejectors for ships operate reliable and require very little maintenance
Körting jet ejectors for ships are part of the bilge system, operate reliable and require very little maintenance

Customer-driven development

When fulfilling customers’ rising demands Körting Hannover AG’s wants to provide the best solution on the market worldwide. In this case the customer wanted jet ejectors with flange sizes of DN350 to pump out bilge water. With suction power of approx. 600 m³ per hour the Körting jet ejectors’ outperform virtually all other pumps. Integrated in ships’ bilge systems, jet ejectors can be operated by the existing mechanical pumps on board (e.g. fire pumps). This saves investment costs and minimises maintenance requirements. In this case engineers at Körting Hannover AG were also able to find a solution tailored to the customer’s requirements. The result is a development to a nominal width of DN350.

Körting jet ejectors’ resistance to seawater is achieved by the use of high quality bronze (CC480K/CC483K). The material is lightweight but also very strong at the same time. Shock and vibration tests have confirmed these characteristics. Variants in other materials are also available on request. Körting jet ejectors operate without any cavitation and will also not run dry.

SMM 2016 in Hamburg

Visitors to the SMM 2016 in Hamburg are able to gain a comprehensive overview of Körting’s high performance product range. The Körting team is on hand to talk about shipbuilding applications in hall A2, stand 131. On the stand visitors can see for themselves how Körting jet ejectors work. The cutaway models displayed also provided an in-depth insight into the company’s major products.

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