Koerting South East Asia’s local sales and service network on course for growth

Since Koerting South East Asia (SEA) was founded, demand for Körting products in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines has grown. Headquartered in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, Koerting Sea Sdn. Bhd. is consistently expanding its local sales and service networks.


Doing a good job – general manager Siow Kok Hwa and Tan Bok Seng, contacts at Koerting SEA Sdn. Bhd

“We’ve had huge success here with Körting vacuum systems which are used in edible oil processing and in the oleochemical industry”, explains Siow Kok Hwa, general manager of Koerting SEA Sdn. Bhd.

Success based on long-standing partnerships

Local sales force – Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is the headquarters of Koerting SEA Sdn. Bhd.

Strong, long-standing partnerships are the foundations of Körting’s rising success. Koerting SEA Sdn. Bhd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Körting and wasn’t officially founded until 2002. But there was already massive demand back then for German-made Körting products. “One of our long-standing end customers is the Musim Mas Group from Indonesia. It has been using our vacuum systems for over 30 years”, explains Siow Kok Hwa. Another established end customer is the Felda Group which is headquartered in Malaysia. The Group is the world’s biggest producer of palm oil and has been replacing traditional vacuum systems with Körting ice condensation plants since 2012. “Another customer, Fuji Oil, is also currently switching to Körting ice condensation plants”, comments Siow Kok Hwa.

First-class technical support

“From Kuala Lumpur we can offer technical support throughout South-East Asia for various project-development stages, ranging from feasibility studies to implementation to installation and commissioning”, explains Siow Kok Hwa. “We have always had a firm foothold in the edible oil and bio diesel industries. Now and in the future we want to continue to expand in the textile, chemical, oil and gas industries”.

A persistent approach to new markets

However, in order to anchor their presence in each of the industries the Koerting SEA team requires plenty of persistence and patience. “Each market has its own traditional processes, networks and purchasing styles”, says Siow Kok Hwa. “We analyse these intensively before we contact customers in a particular industry for the first time. The biggest obstacle is of course to persuade customers who want to stay loyal to long-standing production partners to try out new ideas, products and brands. But this is exactly where we’re becoming increasingly successful thanks to the excellent value we provide”, adds Siow Kok Hwa.


At a glance

Koerting SEA Sdn. Bhd. is a premier partner for the following products:

Jet ejectors/vacuum technology

  • Condensers
  • Multi-stage steam jets
  • Process engineering systems
  • Steam jet heaters
  • Liquid jet mixing nozzles

Waste gas cleaning/environmental technology

  • Jet ejectors for waste water aeration
  • Jet ejectors for ozone introduction
  • Scrubbers
  • Separators
  • Evaporation plants