Made in Germany: Large thermocompressor supplied from Hannover to Changzhou

Towards the end of 2013 Körting Hannover AG supplied a controllable thermocompressor to the People’s Republic of China. With its connection sizes DN 2400 it is counted amongst the largest ever applied worldwide at a seawater evaporator. After several months operating time the customer Huanghua Power, situated at Changzhou City, China, expressed himself to be very satisfied with the results.


Separated for shipment to China: the gigantic ejector body

To generate desalinated seawater Huanghua Power utilizes a multi-stage evaporator (MED). For this, Körting supplied a controllable steam jet steam compressor. „With a total length of approx. 30 meters it belongs to the largest compressors utilised worldwide for this purpose“, reported Dipl.-Ing. Jörg-Peter Baier, Head of the Sales Group for Individual Ejectors at Körting Hannover AG.

All goals achieved

The duty of a steam jet compressor is the compression of steam issuing from an evaporation stage to heat another stage. Apart from the construction size, a further characteristic is that the compressor can be controlled by means of a nozzle needle so that diverse load cases can be operated. Under the inclusion of all individual requirements the plant was able to achieve the planned performance.  For this, approx. 69 t/h of motive steam were applied at design point. „After extensive checking all data were therefore achieved“, explained Jörg-Peter Baier.

A convincing performance

The compressor was developed, manufactured and assembled at the parent company’s works in Hannover and was disassembled again for shipping purposes. „That meant, we had to separate the gigantic ejector body for transport to China“, reported Jörg-Peter Baier. „Also, the steam chamber was packed separately and so transported in order to protect the delicate control elements.“ After several months operating time the customer, Huanghua Power, expressed himself to be very satisfied with the results: „Before we placed the order we compared all offers very closely“, explained Mr. Zhang Shi, Project Manager at Huang hua Power. „Körting’s price/ performance ratio was the best. Besides, as we wanted to have a quality product ‚Made in Germany’, we decided for Körting.“ Huanghua Power has now been completely endorsed for making this decision. „The collaboration worked very smoothly and after several months operating time, the plant’s performance has convinced us entirely.“

Schematic diagram of a multi-stage evaporator (MED) with thermocompressors for the desalination of seawater
Installation at site: the compressor at the premises of Huanghua Power Plant

At a glance

Steam jet compressors compress water vapour or other vapours and/or gases to a higher pressure level with the aid of water vapour acting as a motive medium. As thermocompressors in evaporation plants or as compressors for adjusting pressure levels in steam nets, Körting ejectors guarantee high energy efficiency. They are applied in the chemical industry as well as also in the food stuffs, paper and cellulose industry or in breweries.