Milestone: Körting supplies the 25th Lye Recovery Plant to India

M/s. Körting Hannover AG belongs worldwide to the top providers of caustic recovery plants for mercerising lye. It is already the 25th plant which Körting has supplied to India and already the fourth plant for the Vardhman-Group.


“With the customised caustic recovery plant our customer has been offered a rare chance of harmonising environmental protection and cost saving in an optimal manner”, as Karl Hesse, graduate engineer at Körting Hannover AG and responsible for lye recovery plants.

Mercerising is a step in cotton processing/finishing.During the process cotton under tension is dipped into concentrated caustic soda solution which subsequently is washed out of the fabric.This washed-out caustic soda (weak lye) can now – with the help of the Körting plant – be recovered and reutilised without any problem. An integrated lye cleaning with hydrogen peroxide makes it possible to reutilise even heavily polluted lye.

“A further clear advantage is the high effectiveness because incidental waste heat can be used to generate hot water”, explained Karl Hesse. Aside from that, it is distinguished by the extremely low pH value of the vapour condensate resulting from a highly efficient gas/liquid sepaation as this permits application and reuse of the condensate for washing purposes in the mercerising plant or in the bleaching compartment.

For an easy and clearly arranged operating the plant has been equipped with automatic controls and a large touch panel. An uninterruptible power supply for the electronic components takes care of trouble-free plant operation, even in the case of an instable mains supply.

“As a result of the recovery the sustainability within the process is guaranteed optimally”, according to Karl Hesse. At the same time the customer profitsfrom a quick payback period and simultaneous cost savings of upto 0,15 USD/kg produced goods. In the case of very large plants that can be more than 2 million USD per year.

At Vardhman everyone is enthusiastic about the new plant: “Korting has proved to be a reliable partner and we have beneficial experience in ourearlier installation of Korting. We have always received timely support from them”, explained Mr TC Gupta at Vardhman Fabrics. “We are happy with the performance of earlier Körting installations and hope that the new installation will perform equally well. We are looking forward to conducting Performance Guarantees run”.

After the plant was installed, mechanical, electrical and pneumatic checking carried out as well as a trial running of the 4-stage plant it was then inaugurated in an elaborate manner in accordance with Hindu tradition. The plant was decorated with flowersand painted with good-luck symbols. In the solemn ceremony the Körting service personnel and the future plant operator smashed some coconuts. Then the plant was showered with the coconut water and all prayed to the Gods for a successful operation. “The interesting insights into the religious and cultural customs of the country are the reasons why we so like being active for our Indian customers”, reported Karl Hesse.