Polyester Industry: Process Vapour Operated Vacuum Systems

For Körting Hannover AG, 2011 and 2012 were and are the boom years for process vapour operated vacuum systems. The key part here is played by ejectors which are operated with organic vapours instead of live steam.


"The clear advantages are to be found in the material specific chaacteristics of product vapours such as e.g. ethylene glycol, butanediol and monochloroben­zene and their availability in the respective pro­duction process”, explained Heinrich­-Arend Krömer, engineer at Körting. “This helps to prevent waste effluents andto conserve primary energy.”

Ejectors are particularly suited for application in the most difficult of process evironments which, for example, are to be found during manufacturing of polyesters used for PET bottles, textile fibres andtechnical plastics/synthetic materials for the car and the electro industries. So far, suction flows of up t 300.000 m³/h and suction pressures up to 0,2 mbar have been realised by Körting. Our R&D service engineers are ready to lend their assistance to cus­tomers worldwide when it comes to commissioning start­up, revision and adjusting the plant to altered boundary conditions. With their decades of experience they assure customer satisfaction by their competent service and on­going product development.

Apart from the usual materials ejectors can also be manufactured from special materials such as Has­telloy, titanium and graphite.

If and how other materials (in vaporous or gaseous form) could become eligible as a motive medium for ejectors is a matter that Körting Hannover AG would be happy to investigate.