Tailor-Made: Monoblock burner for asphalt mixing plants

The order to manufacture Monoblock burners was received by Körting Hannover AG in January 2012. This order was completed after just 2 months and two months later, the burners were in operation in Russia. No other competing company can offer a Monoblock burner of this size.

“The new plant with a firing output of 18 Megawatt sets new standards”, as Udo Urban, responsible staff member for development of Körting heat technology products, explained.He also stated that “many can do the ready-made stuff”. However, practice often demands special solutions. So far, the well-proven Monoblock burners of the CKM type have been applied successfully for boiler firings, hot gas generators (dryers) and asphalt mixing plants. Körting Hannover AG offers these bur-ners in four sizes from 2.7 up to 15.5 MW maximum output for gaseous and liquid fuels. “Our competitors stop at 10 MW”, as Mr. Urban reported. However, for asphalt mixing plants in particular a demand for higher performances exists. Körting Hannover AG reacted to this by constructing the new plant with its exclusive 18 MW firing output. Just the combustion air blower of this tailor-made Monoblock burner alone captivates the imagination with its dimensions of 1.4 x 1.3 x 1.4 meters, the mass of approx. 1000 kg and the delivery rate of nearly 30.000 m³/h, as the expert said. On the construction side, measures were taken so that such a large blower could be installed at an asphalt mixing drum. A tee-piece now connects the actual burner with the combustion air blower so that this hangs in a downwards position instead of projecting outwards towards the rear, as is usually the case e.g. for boiler burners in the characteristic pistol shape. “The ease of maintenance is even better as the burner remains freely accessible via the blind nozzle of the tee-piece without having to swing the combustion air blower to one side”, as Mr. Urban explained.

Of course, this plant too has been designed as a combi-burner which can be operated in gas as well as in oil operation mode. At full load, approx. 2.000 m³ of natural gas or 1.800 litres of light fuel oil are converted per hour. As is typical for Monoblock burners, the combustion air blower and the burner form a unit. All periphery components such as the oil supply pump and the gas control train are integrated in the immediate vicinity and are included in the scope of supply at an all-inclusive price. However, this milestone of burner development has not reached its full potential: an even larger variant has been developed for yet greater performance demands so that in the event of an order, a quick reaction can be guaranteed and therefore a Monoblock burner with an output of up to 25 MW can be made available in a comparatively short time. Thanks to the Gost Certificate, Körting HannoverAG is able to supply burners of this size to the Russian market. Development of the infrastructure in Russia is still in its early stages. Numerous asphalt mixing plants will follow. “Here we can offer tailor-made burner systems in excellent quality for each and every special demand”, as Mr. Urban stated.

At a glance

Oil firing thermal output 4500 – 18000 kW
Gas firing thermal output 2500 – 18000 kW
Fuel oil consumption ca. 1517 kg/h bei max. Leistung, oder
Gas consumption ca. 1739 m³/h bei max. Leistung
Combustion air requirements 23000 m³/h (bei Lambda =1,35)
Flame length ca. 6,3 m
Flame diameter ca. 1,5 m
Actual motor power oil pump 5,5 kW
Actual motor power ventilator 55 kW
Ambient temperature from -10°C to +50°C