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  • The World’s Largest Producer of Edible Oil has placed a commission with Körting Hannover AG

The World’s Largest Producer of Edible Oil has placed a commission with Körting Hannover AG

China is well-known for its manifold and exceptional foods/dishes. Of course, these necessitate high quality oils in the wok such as “Arawana”, “Yuanbao” or “Xiangmanyuan”.These are only 3 of the six most popular edible oil brands in China which the Kerry Food Company markets/has at its disposal. The company belongs to WILMAR International, the world’s largest edible oil producer now interested in further Ice Condensation Vacuum Systems from Körting Hannover AG.


This edible oil is produced by means of a complex process: in its raw, pressed condition it needs to be deodorised, i.e. cleaned of fouling/dirt particles, pesticides and poisons. “The conventional vacuum system utilised by Kerry Shanghai for this process is to be replaced by a new ice condensation vacuum system”, reported Frank Schibau, responsible project manager for the edible oil sector at Körting Hannover AG in response to the order placement in May 2010. The graduate engineer flew to Shanghai to view the situation at the site.

Sales, Design dept. as well as the subsidiary company KTB (Körting Trading Beijing) went into overdrive to manufacture the ice condensation vacuum system for the customer, which was completed in June 2011 after a design phase and detailed testing lasting a whole year, and which was finally put into operation at the factory premises in Shanghai. “It is the first plant of this type for which we have manufactured the main components directly in China”, explained Mr. Schibau enthusiastically. As always, the ejectors were supplied from Germany. Design and engineering (construction) were planned in such a manner to ensure that the result turned out to be excellent. “In the interplay with the compact construction technique and the reliability of the system we can safely assume that the Kerry Company will get its complete money’s worth out of the system over the next decades”, so Mr. Schibau.

The system has a design capacity of 1.200 TPD. "At peak production phase however, even 1.500 TPD could be produced with the lowest possible power, water and waste water quantities achievable in this domain”. Since the completion of this ice condensation vacuum system there have been several enquiries received from other works belonging to the WILMAR group. The majority of WILMAR’s plants can be found in China, Malysia and Indonesia but they are also represented with large works in Europe – Rotterdam/The Netherlands – and even in Brake/Germany.

Employees from WILMAR met up/convened with their counterparts from Körting Hannover AG during the MPOB International Palm Oil Conference (PIPOC 2011) in Kuala Lumpur which took place from the 15. to the 17. November 2011. The subject under discussion was the revamping of old-type vacuum systems into ice condensaton vacuum systems. “After it was proved just how good the system was and that it is, above all else, extremely profitable, the interest ran high to replace plants already in operation with the new technology”, so summed Mr. Schibau the matter up.