Saving energy in the paper and pulp industry

An installed adjustable Körting thermocompressor
An installed adjustable Körting thermocompressor

Steam plays a key role in paper manufacturing. The paper, which is still wet, is dried in drying sections in the paper machine. The drying cylinders in these sections are heated with steam. Depending on the type of paper machine and the grammage produced (paper, cardboard), the drying unit can consist of one large or many smaller drying cylinders combined to form a drying section.

In paper machines, thermocompressors are responsible for draining the drying cylinder or compressing low-pressure steam to generate higher pressure in order to supply the drying section. Therefore, efficient thermocompressors play a key role in allowing paper machines to operate efficiently. Austrian-based ANDRITZ’s newly opened PrimeLineTIAC pilot facility demonstrates energy-efficient production of high-quality tissues, or in other words finely creped toilet paper. PrimeLineTIAC also uses Körting thermocompressors in the process.

Pilot plant for tissue paper

Tissue paper is predicted to enjoy consistent growth of approx. 3.5% over the next few years. Therefore, ANDRITZ decided to open a tissue innovation and application centre at its headquarters in Graz, Austria. The pilot plant was fitted with state-of-the-art tissue paper machinery with the focus on energy efficiency and top product quality. As a result, the pilot plant isn’t just available to research and development institutes. Tissue manufacturers, pulp producers and suppliers can also book the facility for trials and to optimise their products. The paper machine concerned has eight configurations to test the production of different types of paper. The yankee cylinder used at the end of the drying process is drained by a Körting thermocompressor.

The PrimeLineTIAC pilot facility (picture: Copyright (c) ANDRITZ)
The PrimeLineTIAC pilot facility (picture: Copyright (c) ANDRITZ)

Tried-and-tested Körting technology

Paper machine manufacturers have been choosing tried-and-tested Körting technology for decades. Körting thermocompressors are durable and energy efficient, but can also be quickly adapted to suit different machinery. As a result, machine operators can rely on adjustable Körting jet ejectors even if their paper machine has been in operation for decades. Low maintenance requirements, ease of use and last but not least superior reliability are the advantages of Körting thermocompressors appreciated by customers the world over.

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